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Subcontract your work

to low cost location

Are you an individual accountant, struggling to cope with new clients coming to you?  Do you end up turning them down?  Or tied up servicing the existing clients and unable to find time to develop further business?

Ask yourself, did you do CPA to perform basic accounting transactions?  Let someone else take care of these, and you focus on more hi-value tasks, which need local presence, local expertise and/or your personal touch.  This is an opportunity for you to leap into the new era for your practice.

To make the most efficient use of your time, you should be focusing on growing your business and leave your back office tasks to low cost professionals off-shore. 

Are you an accounting firm, with some accountants hired to do the back office work?  Although your accountant is just taking home his/her per hour pay, you have actually bargained for much more than that.  If you really want to figure out how much an accountant is costing you, you should consider the following costs as well:

  • Matching Social Security & Medicare taxes 
  • Worker's Compensation insurance 
  • State Unemployment insurance 
  • Medical insurance, retirement plans and other incentives 
  • Vacation, sick, & personal leaves - cost of hiring replacement accountant 
  • Recruitment, Training & turnover costs 
  • Additional office space, furniture, and equipment
  • Additional load on your support functions, HR, Admin, IT, even finance
  • Cost of operational supervision
  • Additional software license
Now you have opportunity to replace all this cost with a painless, efficient, extremely low cost, quick and professional service.  If done properly, you could safely expect a saving of 75%

Once we have a business relationship, we can give you a non-competition guarantee.  You will always be in picture, and any new assignment from your client will come to / through you.

At a high level this how the process will work: